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Camp SAY: A Summer Camp for Young People who Stutter


Welcome to Camp SAY Across the USA!

Building on the incredible success of Camp SAY – our life-changing, residential summer camp for young people who stutter (ages 8-18) – we are bringing the Camp SAY experience to cities across the US.

At Camp SAY Across the USA, young people who stutter (ages 8-18) will have endless fun while building effective communication skills, developing greater self-confidence & independence and forging crucial important friendships in their hometown.

The activities offered at each camp will vary but all programs and activities are specially designed to meet each child’s individual goals and needs. So instead of worrying about stuttering, kids can experience the joy of being a child at camp.

Upcoming Camp SAY Across the USA camps include:

Camp SAY Across the USA: West Coast – Oct 19 – 21, 2018

This camp is being hosted at the spectacular Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center in Orange, CA. Camp cost is being partially underwritten by generous supporters, with modest tuition being offered on a sliding scale basis to ensure that all children can attend, regardless of financial circumstances.

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Camp SAY Across the USA: Memphis – November 17 – 18, 2018

This camp is being offered in partnership with the renowned Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN, and all camp tuition is being underwritten by the Orpheum Theatre Group’s generous supporters.

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Camp SAY Across the USA recently piloted our inaugural George Springer MVP Camp SAY – July 7, 2018

George Springer has been our national spokesperson since 2014, and as the 2017 World Series Champion and Series MVP, he inspires kids who stutter everywhere – reminding them that they can achieve anything they dream of doing!

Tuition for camp was completely underwritten by the proceeds from George Springer’s Annual Bowling Benefit in Houston.

Camp SAY Across the USA is a program of SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY.org).  Since its founding in 2001, SAY has awarded millions of dollars in financial aid & underwritten tuition – more than $1,000,000 last year alone – so all children have access to our innovative programs. Camp tuition rates vary by city, with some camps being offered free – with tuition being underwritten entirely by generous local supporters. In cases where there is a modest camp tuition fee, that tuition is offered on a sliding scale basis to remove any barriers to participation.

About Camp SAY

Since its inception in 2008, Camp SAY’s mission has been to provide life-changing experiences for young people who stutter.  With the goal of providing innovative programming to children who stutter, from across the U.S. and beyond. Camp enrollment has continued to increase since that first year, and is now available to even more children who stutter across the USA.
Meet our Camp SAY Across the USA leadership team.

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Looking back at what Camp SAY has taught me, I would tell my 10-year-old self that you are not alone. Don’t let stuttering hold you back. Speak up.

Age 17